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What is Skype?

Skype is a computer program that turns a PC into a phone. You only need a microphone with headphones and an internet connection to use Skype on your computer. One can call other Skype users on their PCs or regular phone numbers (landline or mobile phones). Skype-to-Skype calls are free regardless of where your party is. Skype-to-Phone calls are not free but are up to 95% cheaper than regular Phone-to-Phone calls.

As many modern mobile phones can conect to the Internet, Skype can be used on mobile phones also. A version of Skype for some mobile phones is available. However, it will not work properly on many phones because their processor speed is not sufficient. We suggest another solution for mobile phones - fring. fring conects to your Skype account, so there is no need to create another account. But unlike Skype, fring does not require much of the phone it works on. It can work even on simple, cheap models. The only requirement is that the phone should run either Windows Mobile or Symbian OS. See few easy steps to start making Skype calls from your phone using fring.

Additional features of Skype

Skype version for PCs has some additional features which make it very attractive for PC users:
  • Free video calls
  • Superior sound quality, higher than the sound quality of regular phones
  • Instant messaging
  • Conference calls

Why are Skype calls so cheap?

Regular phones use public switched telephone network (PSTN) for the voice transmission. You have to pay to your phone provider (Telecom company) to use this network. Skype does not use PSTN, it uses the internet to transmit the voice. This is called VoIP - Voice over IP (Internet Protocol). Before being transmitted, the voice is digitized and is then sent over the Internet as data packets, which is exremely cheap. Such calles are called Data Calles, while regular calls are Voice Calls. The low cost is not the only advantage of data calls, they allow many additional features, some of which are listed above.

If you wish to support us then please always buy Skype Credit through the links on this Web site. You will not pay any extra amount, but we will get commissions from Skype. We will provide technical support for those buying Skype Credit through our Web site.