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Tip of the day - Mobile phone photo camera

Samsung SCH-W880This phone should be interesting for photo hobbyists. Now almost every mobile phone has a built in camera. But, of course, those cameras cannot take high quality pictures and they have a very limited set of features. Samsung SCH-W880 represents a great advancement in this sense. It has a 3x optical zoom lens, the resolution of 12 MP is better then in many professional cameras. The camera has a macro feature, a xenon flash and a dedicated camera button. It is also capable of making HD video recording. This phone even looks more like a small digital camera rather then like a phone, but its features surpass those of most small digital cameras. At the same time, as a phone, it has a touch-screen display, supports 3G / HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and MicroSD storage cards.

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