International mobile calls cheaper than Skype!

Yes, VoIP for mobile is now a reality.
Make very cheap phone-to-phone calls
wherever you are - even in roaming!

Rebtel - cheap long distance calls

Rebtel - cheap long distance calls from any phone

With Rebtel one does not need a computer to make cheap VoIP calls. One can call from any mobile or landline phone.

Here are a few reasons to choose Rebtel:
  • It works on any phone, landline or mobile
  • It is very simple to use, no need for software installation
  • Sound quality is just perfect, like for local calls
  • Rebtel rates are much lower than those of popular VoIP providers like Skype
Just Subscribe to Rebtel and your first call will be free.

See the list of countries where Rebtel is available.

How does Rebtel's system work?

You just call the local access number in your country and, when prompted, dial the destination number and press the # key. As simple as that! The cost of the call consists of the cost of the local call to the access number and the low Rebtel rate to the destination country. (If you have an unlimited plan or your plan has enough inclusive minutes, the local call will cost nothing to you. Besides, Rebtel offers free calls between Rebtel countries, so, if you also have an unlimited plan, you may be able to make completely free calls).
Rebtel offers also an option to assign a different access number for each destination number you call. That may be convenient for those numbers you call frequently. For all other numbers it is easier to use the general access number.

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