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Mobile VoIP cals - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer to make VoIP calls with Rebtel?
No, computer is not needed. Calls can be made from any phone, landline or mobile.
Can I make calls from any phone?
Yes. If you make calls from a phone number different than the one you registered with Rebtel, you will just be asked to eneter the number you registered and then you can proceed with the call.
Does my mobile phone need to have an Internet connection?
No, you don't need an Internet connection to make Rebtel calls. You will just need to dial the local access number in your country and then you will be asked to dial your destination number. That is, you will make a normal call not a data call.
Why is it called a VoIP call if Internet is not needed?
Because the part of the call between the local access number and your destination number is routed over the Internet using the VoIP protocol. But you will not feel that, for you it will be like a regular phone call.
Is Rebtel local access number available in my country?
Currently Rebtel is available in over 50 countries. Here is the list.
Can I make free calls with Rebtel?
Yes, calls between Rebtel countries are completely free. You may just need to pay for a local call to the access number. But if you are calling from a landline or if you have an unlimited plan on your mobile that will cost you nothing.
Does Rebtel offer a free trial?
Yes. After you subscribe, your first call will be free.
Do I need to install any software on my mobile phone?
No. With Rebtel one does not need to install a software client. One just needs to call a local access number in one's country and then the call will be directed to the destination number.
Rebtel is not available in my county. Is there another way I can make cheap calls from mobile?

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