Skype Mobile - cheap calls from mobile phone!

Start making free phone-to-Skype calls
and extremely cheap phone-to-phone calls
wherever you are - even in roaming!

4 steps to start making Skype calls from mobile phone:

fring - make Skype calls from mobile phone
  1. If you don't yet have a Skype account,
  2. download Skype and install on your PC. You will be asked to create a free account during the installation.
  3. Buy Skype Credit. That will automatically create a SkypeOut account for you if you are buying for the first time.
  4. Download and install fring or iSkoot to your mobile phone.
  5. When running fring or iSkoot for the first time, you will be asked to enter your Skype user name and password.
That's all - now you can call Skype users for free and regular phone numbers at amazingly low Skype rates!
But what if you don't have a Windows Mobile or a Symbian OS phone? Or you don't have a mobile phone at all?
Or you simply don't want to bother with software installation?

Still there is a solution - Rebtel.

How can Skype work on mobile phones?

You have probably noticed a Skype version for mobile phones on their web site, which is available for Windows Mobile phones and a couple of Nokia models. However, on many models, including even those listed on Skype web site, Skype will not function properly simply because the processor speed is not sufficient.
Besides, Skype requires high-speed internet connection (WiFi or 3G), it will not work on the models having only GPRS.

using fring for Skype on mobile phones

  But there is a simple solution to all these restrictions that really works -
  download and install fring or iSkoot on your phone.

Fring and iSkoot are freeware programs that work on virtually any Windows Mobile and Symbian OS phone (see the list of compatible models for fring and iSkoot).
These applications do not require a fast processor, can work with WiFi and 3G as well as with GPRS.
Fring and iSkoot can connect to your Skype account so that you can call Skype users on PCs and mobile phones. Morover, they can connect to your SkypeOut account, so that you can call regular landline and mobile phone numbers at extremely low Skype rates.
fring for Skype mobile 
And that is not all, with fring and iSkoot you can live chat with all your Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM friends using your handset’s internet connection rather than costly SMS service.

The main difference between fring and iSkoot is the connection method used. Fring transmits the voice using VoIP protocol, whereas iSkoot establishes connection via a local access number. The main consequence is that generally iSkoot provides higher sound quality, however local access numbers are available not in every country (although they are currently available in 45 countries). Besides iSkoot supports less phone models than fring. You can just try both programs to see which one works better for you or you can see a detailed comparison table.

If you wish to support us then please always buy Skype Credit through the links on this Web site. You will not pay any extra amount, but we will get commissions from Skype. We will provide technical support for those buying Skype Credit through our Web site.

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