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fring and iSkoot - Skype for mobile phone

how to use Skype on mobile phone So, you installed Skype on your mobile phone and it did not work?
There were too many interruptions in the sound, or there was no sound at all,
or Skype just stopped responding while calling?

That means your phone's processor is not fast enough to run Skype.

Is there a solution then? Yes - use fring using fring for Skype mobile or  iSkoot
Fring and iSkoot are freeware programs that work on virtually any Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and Blackberry phone.
They do not require a fast processor, can work with WiFi and 3G as well as with GPRS.
Fring and iSkoot can connect to your Skype account so that you can call Skype users on PCs and mobile phones. Moreover, they can connect to your SkypeOut account, so that you can call regular landline and mobile phone numbers at extremely low Skype rates.

Here are a few easy steps to start making Skype calls using fring or iSkoot on your mobile phone.

Capabilities offered by fring and iSkoot:
  • Free calls to other phones where these applications are installed
  • Free calls to Skype users on PCs
  • Very cheap SkypeOut calls from your mobile to other regular phone numbers
  • Chat with other users of fring, ICQ, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN and some other chat systems
  • Fring also notifies you when new mail comes to your Gmail account

What to choose - fring or iSkoot?

If both fring and iSkoot support your phone, you can try either of them, there is no essential difference. To make a better choice consider the following:
  • fring's sound quality may be not perfect on some phones, whereas iSkoot has the same high sound quality on all supported models.
  • But iSkoot supports not all phones and works not in every country.
  • You should check the rates for calling your local iSkoot access number (but if you have an unlimited plan or enough inclusive minutes then this is not a matter for consideration).
A more detailed comparison is given in the table below.

fring vs. iSkoot comparison table:
  fring iSkoot
Supported models Over 600 models, including most Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones and all Windows Mobile phones
the list of supported models
Around 300 models, including Blackberry
the list of supported models
Where it works In any country around the globe In 45 countries
(see the list)
Using in roaming Can be used in any country where WiFi is available (your phone should support WiFi) In 45 countries, where iSkoot local access numbers are available
Sound quality It is better in Symbian OS phones, in Windows Mobile it can be lower Equally high in all phones, as the connection is established not over VoIP but over a local access number
Chat capabilities Chat with users of Skype, fring, ICQ, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN Only with Skype and iSkoot users
Video calls Only in Symbian OS 9.x phones and in iPhone / iPod Š•ouch Not supported
Call costs Apart from SkypeOut call, one has to pay for the data transmission - approx. 14 MB for 60 min of talking in Windows Mobile phones and 8 MB for 60 min of talking in Symbian OS phones. When connection is established over WiFi, data transmission is free. For GPRS and 3G the cost depends on your data plan (if you have an unlimited or a sufficiently high data plan, you will not be charged for the data transmission) Apart from SkypeOut call, one has to pay for calling the local access number (there is one access number for each country) according to the rates of your operator (if you have an unlimited plan or enough inclusive minutes then you will not be charged for the local call).
Connection method VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - the voice is digitized and transmitted over the Internet as data. Via a local access number. Internet is used only to initiate a call. That is why the data transmission costs practically nothing, and the sound quality is as high as in regular phone calls
Additional notes   It may take up to a few minutes to login, however after that calls are made easily without any delay

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