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Four ways to make cheap long distance calls

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Cheap long distance calls This page provides general information about the ways available to make cheap calls.

1. VoIP (Voice over IP, i.e. the voice travels not through regular telephone lines but through the Internet). As you have visited this site, you are most probably already using VoIP. Skype is the most popular VoIP application although many Skype users probably never heard the word VoIP. What can we add then - everybody knows already about Skype. Well, the thing is that Skype is not always the cheapest solution. Skype calls to mobile numbers in some countries can be quite costly. If you happen to call such numbers, we recommend VoipRaider. Depending on the country, VoipRaider rates for mobile numbers can be much lower than in Skype and calling landlines in many countries is completely free. The sound quality is as good as in Skype.
Of course, as you probably have many Skype contacts, you can't just stop using Skype and switch to VoipRaider. But one can use both, choosing which one to use depending on the calling rates for the particular direction.

2. Using VoIP on mobile phones. That is what this site is about, so we shall not write anything else here. If you did not yet read about that just click on get started to learn how to make cheap calls from mobile phones.

3. Callback. If you don't like all this technical stuff and just need to make cheap calls without spending time on software installation etc., then Callback is right for you. Callback system works as follows. Your Callback provider gives you an access number. To make a call, you should dial this number and hang up as soon as you hear a tone. The system will then call you back in a few seconds. Then you pick up the phone and dial the number you want to call. As the call does not originate from you (the system calls you back, you do not make a call), you pay nothing but the cost charged by your Callback provider according to their low rates. Callback is one of the oldest ways to make cheap calls, there are a lot of Callback providers. We recommend Globaltel and Telcan as reliable and good quality providers.

4. Calling cards. Calling cards work similar to Callback. They are different from phone cards that have to be inserted into a payphone. Calling cards can be used with any phone whether landline or mobile. Each calling card has a toll free access number and a pin. To make a call, one needs to dial the access number and the pin, then one dials the destination number. As the access number is toll free, there is no direct cost. The payment will be taken from the credit on the card according to the low rates of the service provider.
Calling cards are available in many countries but not in all. They are most wide spread in the USA. One can check on the Internet if the cards are available in a particular country. Generally, one can also buy through the Internet a virtual card, i.e. just an access number and a pin, so there is no need to waste time trying to find a place where real cards are sold. Another advantage of the Internet is that one can compare the rates and choose a provider with the lowest rates for the direction one needs to call.